Cosplay part 2 links/ refernces

1) thranduil from the hobbit-

2) Belle from Beauty and the beast -

3) Emily from Tim Burtons Corpse bride- Lady Ragdoll

4)Goku from Dragon Ball Z-

5)Oberyn Martell (GOT)-

6)Daenerys Targaryen(GOT) -

7)Juon,( Grudge)-

8) Ghostbuster-

9) Marshalee, Adventure Time -Chase Zarate

10)Sara Bellium (Power Puff Girls) -

More Amazing Cosplays :D

We thought that we would do another cosplay post as there is soo many amazingly talented people out there. So here we go :D as before there is a list of links to the references of these cosplayers. hope you all enjoy as much as we do!


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