the thumb nail photo says it all really. If you guys are looking for a giggle at either our accents or the video in general, click away =]

Hey guys :D this is our sims 4 lets play :D hope you guys like it and if you do you can hit that subscribe button for more updates and videos like this one and others that are yet to come!

We’re back again!

Hey guys :D We are so so soooo Sorry about our absence but life has been pretty busy lately! between a new job and starting a new college its been absolutely hectic. But we are working on some things we are very excited to share with our Tumblr followers first ! So keep your eyes peeled! ;D

Also I would also like to say a huge welcome and thank you to all our new followers and our older ones for being so patient with us! Dont forget if you guys wanna get in touch with any ideas or what you would like to see more of you can also sent us a ask or get in touch with our twitter for an instant reply as sometimes this doesnt give a notification.:)

So one last Sorry for being away, Thank you for being so supportive and patient with us and lastly Welcome our new followers :D <3